Private Equity

In order to generate long-term performance and round out the structure of your returns, we offer investments via club deals, investment funds, or direct real assets.

Atlanterra – Sustainable Agriculture

For investors and operators wishing to take part in the transition to sustainable agriculture, the Atlanterra - Sustainable Agriculture team provides support in land valorisation for future generations by investing in the transformation of operating models and by securing the production of strategic plant species in Europe.

Atlantic Entrepreneur Fund

Operating just like a genuine club deal, our “Atlantic Entrepreneur Fund” private equity fund promotes value creation for those entrepreneurs and managers investing in our M&A transactions, primarily in Europe. This fund also lets us invest on a minority basis alongside you in connection with strengthening equity capital, transmission, shareholding restructuring, or acquisition financing. Lastly, it allows entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to meet regularly, to hone their skills, and to develop their business within our ecosystem.

To support the companies in which the fund invests, we regularly reach out to the best M&A teams in the industry, including the Atlantic M&A team.

For institutional clients, professional clients and large private fortunes

  • Direct investments via thematic investment funds
  • agriculture
  • technology
  • education
  • real estate
  • Direct investments in real assets
  • real estate
  • art
  • wine and watches